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Graciela Mendoza
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With a deep, ancestral and timeless, yet soft, tender and mischievous, as Mother Earth herself would sing to make us feel safe, Graciela Mendoza, creates her wonderful songs and shows, inviting us to a journey back to the natural and real.  Her music, filled with ancestral sounds, kalimbas, voices and drums, gifts us with lullabies and stories born right from the roots of all cultures.

“From the beginning of times, when the first voices were sang, music has always accompanied us with the warmth, sweetness and tenderness that makes the heart content.” Explains the composer.

Graciela Mendoza is musician as well as composer, teacher, researcher of native music and instruments and also native artistic expressions. Graciela Mendoza researches and works with ancestral music for children for more than 20 years, organizing and sharing workshops for children to promote a poetic and loving bond with nature.  The artist has been a member of the MOMUSI-Movement, a prestigious South American organization that promotes music for children and train musical teachers; and member of the MOCILYC-Movement for the Latin-American and Caribbean children’s music. 

She is accompanied by the great performer, Pablo Trosman, in charango, guitar, cuatro, kalimbas and voice (music arrangements as well).


About her live shows:

“The legends and the music of our ancestors reminds us where we belong”, explains the artist about her need to interpret and to share these songs with the youngest.

In her most recent works, Graciela Mendoza, additionally to achiving an amazing sonority experience, sings in several native languages: mapuches, toba, guaraní, quichua, and other native tongues from Latinamerica.  The performance is enriched by the play of the charango, the ronrroco, the maulincho, boxes, quenas and the kultrún, among other native american instruments.



Graciela Mendoza: voice, composition and arrangements.

Pablo Trosman: charango, guitar, cuatro, kalimbas, voices, and musical arrangements.

Aldana Bozzo: quena, sikus, transverse flute.

Lucas Trosman Rapella: Latin-American percussion and accessories.



  • Puñuy Wawita" (lullabies and earth’s murmurs) – GobiMusic (2014/5)
  • “Tierra en flor" (Ancestral music for children) – GobiMusic (2009)
  • “Tierra Madre” – World Root Music Argentina - – Native Universe (2004)
  • “The party of Pachamama” Native Universe – Root Music (2003/4)
  • “A journey to the land of sounds” – Etnic and folk argentinean music (2001)
  • “Our Music and its Origins” Part I and II – Native Universe (1999)
  • “Dances and songs” – Native Universe (1994)