Guarda la tosca

Guarda la tosca
Jazz Folk Afro-rioplatense

Guarda La Tosca dazzles for its singular balance between roots music and contemporary music with a strong improvisational ingredient.
With an air of zamba, cueca, candombe, guaraña and chacarera style mixed with avant-garde jazz and the boldness of acoustic music, Guarda La Tosca gives new life to the Latin roots music with an international projection. 

For over 14 years, with performances in the most outstanding and prestigious cultural venues from Buenos Aires and with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the notable bars, among others, Guarda La Tosca has in addition outstood for the creative and composing level of its performers:
Marion Moss (voice), who has shared the stage along with the prestigious guitarist Juan Falú and Nano Durand (percussion), who has performed with top-notch artists such as Mercedes Sosa, Divididos, Daniel Navarro and César Franov.


2015: Nieblas de Sal (Salt clouds), 2011: En la nada (In nowhere), y 2006: A campo traviesa (cross country) 


Marion Moss: voice, composition, arrangements, musical direction.
Nano Durand: drums and percussion, set accessories and Latin American percussion, bombo legüero, Peruvian drawer, composition, arrangements, musical direction.
Juan Martínez: classical guitar, acoustic / criollo guitar and Latin American, arrangements.
Marcos Serra: bass.
Gustavo Silva: piano, improvisation, arrangement