She is finishing her new album scheduled to be release in April 2017.  Mariana Carrizo confirms her 2017 tours.  Fernando Herrera, pianists and Miguel Rodriguez, guitar player will accompany Mariana Carrizo in the european tours.  Mariana Carrizo’s music will participate in Festivals in Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the USA, among others.

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She is often invited to perform along and record discography work with artists like: Dulce Pontes, Illapu, Luis Salinas, Leon Gieco, Peteco Carabajal, Dino Saluzzi, Pancho Cabral, Leo Genovese, Chaqueño Palavecino, Duo Coplanacu, Trio MJC, among others.

She has a unique singing style inspired by the Andean tradition.  She mixes ancestral root music with other genres like jazz, classical and other kinds of root music of the world.
 Raised by her grandmother, a shepherdess from the Andean region of Argentina, she received the ancestral wisdom that today gives texture to her singing.

Mariana Carrizo is a power house producing and touring internationally in Festivals, Theathers and Events in Spain, Mexico, Peru, Brasil, Colombia, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.  Mariana interacts with the different folk expressions of each place creating more contemporary fusions.

She is invested in proyects targeted to preserve and rescue ancestral and root music.

She has been internationally aclaimed since her Award Wining Festival Cosquin 2004, the most prestigious and important folk music festival in Argentina.

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