Welcome to Incuba Raiz 3rd Edition

Welcome to Incuba Raiz 3rd Edition

We are part of the accelerator for female talent


INCUBA RAÍZ is the incubator and accelerator of projects led by women and the LGTBIQ+ community, with the aim of developing projects, disseminating and internationalising proposals to markets in Latin America, Europe and the USA, highlighting proposals that have a multidisciplinary base and enhancing the creative and technical musical proposal. NEW EDITION 2024.

Driven by the collaborative actions of organisations from Argentina, Spain, Colombia and Peru, and after two editions that have had a great impact on the Ibero-American artistic community, attracting the interest of international institutions and funds, INCUBA RAIZ is opening its doors to new alliances with alternative countries and markets that share the same interests of expansion for its artists.

An important part of our portfolio of alliances and support are international markets and fairs such as Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (Market of Catalonia - Spain), International Dance and Theatre Fairs of Huesca (Spain), Mercartes (Market of Valladolid - Spain), CIRCULART (Colombia), as well as prestigious training centres and creation spaces such as: ELCAMM (Centre for Modern Arts and Music of Malaga- Spain), Musikene (Basque Country- Spain), ESMUVA (Madrid- Spain), among others, including Ibero-American and public funds such as: IBERMÚSICAS Spain, INAEM, Ministry of Culture of Spain, Santander Bank Foundation, Gov. City of Buenos Aires, MECENAZGO - government subsidy, Ministry of Culture of Argentina, among others. 

Strengthening our purpose, previously linked to the SDGs 2023, mainly the commitment to gender equality and the empowerment of femininities, this year we also add the active awareness of climate change and environmental issues, a proposal that will be reflected in the curation and production of the various events of Closing 2024. We believe passionately in a future of equality. A future that includes our planet, its rights and its care.

JENGIBRE MUSIC AGENCY is a member of the INCUBA RAÍZ community, which promotes the visibility of artists and music in professional events and festivals, and provides opportunities for musical projects from all over the world.



In this new edition, INCUBA RAÍZ will maintain the structure that defines it par excellence, deepening the incubation programme, which includes:

  • Music Business Training Programme focusing on the export and internationalisation of talent, goods and services.

  • Mentoring Programme, based on working tables, coaching and mentoring..

This is followed by the Acceleration and Internationalisation Programme, which focuses on presenting projects at international fairs and markets.



Este año lanzamos el Mercado Mujer-Raíz, con el objetivo de fortalecer el vínculo enfocado a rentabilizar los proyectos que se han incubado en nuestro programa, este evento incluirá:

  • Business roundtables and pitching sessions

  • Showcases

  • Conferences 

  • Networking

  • Master Class


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